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PER. Now is my selfehate ripe, let any slave
Take mine owne dagger nowe and freely strike
This hart that every minut cracks a stringe.
T’were but a little cost to Lycophron spacer1495
If this last roofe should presse theis gilty limmes.
I will dismisse my strong three hundred guarde,
Ile give the citty leave to libell mee
And fowle mouth’d subjectes all to speake their fill,
Suborne my dietaries to give poyson. bluespacer1500
Mischiefe herselfe feares openly to come,
Scurrility will not spend her paines uppon me,
Justice yet cannot find due punnishement.
I have anatomized my selfe, and find red
My selfe a breife of mischeife generall kind. blue spacer1505



AR. May’t please your majestie, here is the booke
Your grace enquir’d of.
PER.spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer Did’st thou ever read it? red
AR. Never, and’t please your grace.
PER. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerYet thou art honest.
AR. I would not willingly lose that attribute.
PER. Thou art but newe in Perianders love spacer1510
Els thou had’st lost it. I remember, man,
The poppy heads, weake-witless honesty
Neere live longe freind with active tyranny.
Reserve thy selfe for Lycophron, farewell. (Exit Aristaeus.)
I have bin studious in my time, well read. spacer1515
Ἡσυχία καλὸν, προπέτια ἐπισφαλές, blue
Quietnes is good, and rashenes dangerous.
Who knowes that not? A schooleboies sentence this.
Once more, αἱ ἡδοναὶ φθαρταὶ, ἀθάναται τιμαί.
Honor’s immortall, pleasures weare away. spacer1520
Was I thus good? Had I so much of heaven?
Read more, this meditation hath some relish.

Libro manibus excidente. blue

I cannot. A blacke mist has drownd mine eyes,
My bonus genius is run away.
My sences faculties have overdonne.spacer 1525
Their common receptacle locks his gates, redspacer
Fancy and memory turne face to face.
Nowe do they ope a blacke sad history.
I dare not see it. Helpe, Aristaeus, helpe.
AR. Howe fares great Periander?
PER. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerGreat indeed spacer1530
In madnes once, in sadnes nowe and woe.
Oh that my life and yeares might backward goe
Except reiteration of my ills,
Which hart and braine with stronge distraction fills!

<Exit> Aristaeus educens Periandrem. blue



EUG. Thus doth rude misery bandy us to and fro. spacer1535
PHIL. Nowe are wee come to sorrowes court againe.
EUG. These walls are all too gaudy for the time.
They should have bin long since hang’d all with blacke.
A sadder expectation cannot be.
LYS. Madame, we are (it seemes) to early yet. redspacer1540
EUG. ’Tis no matter, good Lysimachus, ’tis not sleepe,
But dead dispaires, liveles stupidity, blue
That holds this court so quiett. Nowe freshe teares
Suckt from the brackish farewell of the sea
Breake out on all hands. Good Philarches helpe spacer1545
To beare to Periander wofull kinge
What of those vile barbarous ylanders have lefte
Of innocent Lycophron?
PHIL. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer Sweete Lycophron.
EUG. If any nooke of all this spatious courte
Have but one eye of dull security, spacer1550
Nowe it shall sparckle out in fire and teares.
Tender despaire, runne mad. My selfe beginnes
To feele a passion of a frantique lightness
And carelesnes of what after may ensue.
LYS. Alas, sweet madame —
EUG. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTush, Lysimachus, spacer1555
Thou’s tell me nowe of comforte, innocence. red blue
Of both these Lycophron had fuller hand
Then any in this inauspitious house.
Come, gentlemen it must be told at last
And this, and we, and all must have an end. (Exeunt.) spacer1560


CYPSELUS solus blue

CYP. My troth, ’tis strange. I have the finest dreames
Of any prince in Greece, so that even nowe red
I rise the sooner to remember it.
Me thought my brother Lycophron was come home. red
But using still his former sullennes spacer1565
He would not speake a word to his kind father.
Then in an angry moode, me thought, he call’d red
For Cypselus, plac’t me in his chaire of state,
Gave me a wife, faire daughter to a kinge,
And he himselfe me thought did marry us. spacer1570
Then on a gallant chariott was I sett
And borne in triumphe throughe the attending courte.



EUG. Philarches, would wee were at sea againe,
Were it but thou and I. My fathers lookes
Have fil’d me all with terror and presage. bluespacer1575
What, shall wee yet steale hence? Hast thou no freind
That can secure us? Good Philarches, speake,
Thou art too dull of counsaile and of love.
PHIL. I see no drifte for counsaile, object for love. blue
EUG. Mee thinks two such as you and I might find, spacer1580
When daunger goads us, witt and meanes for both
To fly from gripe of feare to armes of love.
PHIL. Madame, by heaven, honor, love and safety,
Do you devise, I’le do my best for meanes.
EUG. Then to thy howse as secrett as wee may. spacer1585
The danger’s neere that bidds me wishe away.

PERIANDER, subducit se PHILARCHES blue

PER. ’Twill serve, ’twill serve. Eugenia, doest thou like it?
EUG. What, father?
PER. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer Why the slaves of Corcyra
’’’That slewe my Lycophron least I should come
To live amongst them. I have sente commaund spacer1590
To geld three hundred of his cheifest youth.
EUG. Would Neptune had the power to swallowe up
Their stragling iland to the level’d deepe!
PER. Why God a mercy, good Eugenia,
’Tis well we all speake concord, kindly all. spacer1595
Hearke, hearke, Eugenia, howe they wrangle.
EUG. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerWho?
PER. Melissa and Crataea. Harke againe.
Ther’s Lycophron. Howe honestly he speakes
To make them freinds, yet howe they fly from him! red
See howe they fight it out with flaming brands spacer1600
While poore Melissae’s babe comes creeping after
With fresh supply. So breath, but too’t againe. red
EUG. Father, good father Periander —
PER. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerHa?
No, ’twill not bee, thou would’st aske pardone, girle,
For the young boies of Corcyra, would’st thou not?spacer 1605
Stay, thou shalt see my reason to deny thee. (Exit.) redspacer
EUG. Philarches, Aristaeus, gentlemen.
O quickly, quickly enter, breake the doores. red
Is there no rescue? Better doo’t my selfe
Then stay for lingring torment. Gentle earth, spacer 1610
Shake out a passage throughe these stubborne walls
Or shewe me some preserving little vault.
His eyes are daggers, every gripe a racke.
Heavens protect mee.

Lycophrona mortuum in erecto sedentem introducens.

PER. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerHeere, Eugenia,
Helpe. S0. He had a face of majesty,spacer 1615
His scepter hold, this his inheritaunce redspacer
And this ’tis thine. Nowe, yee injurious Fates, red
Returne me backe the soule of Lycophron.
Looke, Looke, Eugenia, howe they smile at this.
Ther’s some two hundred of them, is their not? red spacer1620
The ghosts of all the freinds and foes I slue.
Yet stay, Eugenia. Ther’s a question yet
Must be decided. They’l have Cypselus.
Yee shall, juditious ghosts. Wee’l end all nowe. (Exit.)
EUG. Nay, ’twas Melissaes. Weare it, Lycophron. spacer1625
If it be darke in Hell, this will give light.
Nowe hee should aunswere if he were alive.
How prettily he lookes. (Ingreditur Cypselus.)
PER. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerCome, Cypselus. red
See what a consistory of suffragants
Have changd my purpose. Let them, let them see. spacer1630
He did usurpe thy right, thou stat’st it well.
Thou canst not speake, poore Lycophron, he can.
Come thank them, thanke ’em.
EUG. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerLong live Cypselus,
And Periander, and Eugenia.
PER. Long live a man, long live a foole spacer1635
Suppositious bastard. red
EUG. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerHold, sweete father.
PER. Howe nowe? Why bee’t so? Come, Eugenia.

Gladio utrumque fodit. blue

Why nowe all’s even. N9w wee’l make short worke.
Our tombe wilbe a princely messe for death, blue
Il’e have it yawne till I come stalking too. spacer1640
Then hand in hand to Hell wee’l sadly go. blue


ACTUS V, SCENA vij red

<PHIL.> Calistus, does not heaven burne with comets, red
Flies not a generall pestilence o’re the land?
Doe not the auntient dead resigne their graves
For want of roome? Do not opposed ghosts spacer1645
Of innocents and murtherers round the courte,
And Furies with their inextinguisht fire
Lay seige to us?
CAL. spacerspacerspacerspacerWhat meane you, gentle sir?



PHIL. Ther’s one will tell you.
PER. Howe nowe, good Callisthus? spacer1650
CAL. By Perianders love, rich as the world,
Healthy as heavens, best influence can make mee.
PER. Fee’lst thou no alteration?
CAL. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerNone, great kinge.
PER. Nor see’st nor hear’st of any? red
CAL. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerYes, Philarches
Speakes strang’ly comets, pestilence and graves, spacer1655
And ghosts and fire.
PER. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer How grewe hee to this language?
CAL. Nowe by the all seing sun of heaven I knewe not. red
PER. What, is he toucht already with remorse,
Calistus, with the death of Lycophron?
This night should I bee murdered —
CAL. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerWouldst this night spacer1660
I might deserve your love of many years
By venturing my prevention and revenge!
PER. Thy hart and tongue are both of one stuffe made,
I knowe it. Two howres hence at midnights point
One of their crewe just at the first parke gate spacer1665
With one touch of a cornett gives the signe.
Then what shall followe, by my soule, I knowe not.
CAL. ’Twill not be hard to watch and speed him sure.
PER. Alone?
CAL. spacerspacerspacerspacerAlone? Their may be mettall in him
Of one that starts not at aequality. spacer1670
Yet I’le be wary lest he coward it
And shun me in discovery.
PER. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerAt the lodge red
Ther are pitts lately digg’d, there bury him.
Ile sett the keeper farre enoughe at worke.
The fairest stagge we have must dy ere morning. spacer1675
Calistus, I have full possession of thee.
Walke, talke no more after dispatch, returne red
And take some feare from thy disquiett kinge
Or lett an even violence end us both. (Exit Calistus.)



PER. Now, Stratocles.
STRAT. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerMay it please your majestie, spacer1680
Lysimachus sent us hither.
PER. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer Preethee tell me,
Howe many has he lefte me undismist.
STRAT. Of full three hundred arm’d ther’s forty left, red
But nowe unarm’d.
PER. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerOf fowre I most esteem’d
You two come first, which shewes your different loves. spacer1685
Ther’s worke in hand this night, it must be donne.
This is the subject. Understand yea mee?
STRAT. Our gods forbid there should be treason forwarde. red
PER. There is. Of publique executions skill
I am ev’n weary. And because ’tis freshspacer 1690
Their captrein shall have his dispatch here tonight. redspacer
Your taske for halfhowre after midnight is. red
Then at that ominous ewe by Juno’s temple blue
From the first parke gate you shall meete a slave
That is not worthy to have a hand in treason, bluespacer1695
Yet one that gives the word for all events.
Speed him, and to the fisheponds dregg him hence.
Good let mee heare, thoughe such unworthy stuffe
The verie fowles abhorre in hardest winter,
And then returne. There are but fewe of us spacer1700
And we wil keepe a quiett private courte.
This numerous pompe is trowblesome, daungerous.
I have said.
STRAT. spacer And wee obey.
PER. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerI shall expect. red blue
Desgize your selves. If any stopp your passe, red
To our bedchamber at your backe retourne, spacer1705
The word shal be the stagge was downe to soone. (Exeunt.)
Poore easy pitty, worthy ignorance.
If another Periander should succeed
I do them kindnes.


DORIUS et alii satellites. Pergit Periander.

spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerWelcome, welcome sirs.
In times of daunger thus wee muster upp spacer1710
Our willing freinds. It is not newes to you
To heare of treason. I remember thee,
Good Dorius, thou hast donne us twise good service.
DOR. And doome of traitor end me when I breake.
PER. Till two of clocke you fowre must station keepe spacer1715
At the courte gate. Before which time be spente
Two freinds of a degenerate howshold servaunt,
Expects four others in your roome and coats red
To give him way, but they are safe enoughe, red
And have the traiterous watchword which is this, spacer1720
The stag was downe to soone on their bold entraunce.
At that false word be sure to take their lives
Ere they have time to give a second signe
To other servaunts lodg’d about the courte, red
And that have passage ready and their meanes. red spacer1725
I sente to you my selfe to strengthen you red
With resolution. Morrow’s blessed sun red
Will purge this courte. What, are yea fast and sure?
OMNES Your grace shall find us so.
PER. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTheir bodies dregge
Into the wardens lodge. Then secretly spacer1730
Call up Lysimachus to bring you to us.
Then shall wee rippe the heart of treason out.
DOR. Great kinge, this worke must have deliberate hast.
PER. Welsaid, good Dorius. Every howre has taske
Till this be ended. Farewell.
DOR. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerFarewell, great Kinge. (Exeunt.) red spacer1735
PER. Binding condition ’tis do’s wishe thee dead. (Exit.)



PHIL. To Samos I.
EU. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerTo Sicily say I
SYM. I had rather sneake it out at Athens heere.
EU. Mee thinks we should not parte.
PHIL. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer Tush, Euetaerus,
’Twill sweeten our retourne. Going togeather spacer1740
Wee wanton out our travailes which are beste
When we have least of home acquaintance with us.
EU. Each steppe I sett on Corinths bloody soile red
Astonishing succession strikes it backe.
Farewell, Philarches.
PHIL. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerFarewell, Symphilus. spacer1745
Our ceremonioius farewells are all past,
You must be grave intelligencer nowe.
Farewell, we must not troope it. blue
SY. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer spacerGood Phylarches,
Heavens and a better kinge retourne our loves. (Exeunt.)



PER. Nowe, my contriving braine and active hands, redspacer1750
Commaunding toungue, directing eye and heart,
To all consenting all with all have donne
Nature would give more time to doe her wrong.
But I have made her barren in the blood
Of high nobility and highe antipathy. redspacer1755
Growes from my person that shee dares not breed,
My sap has kild my verie bodies sprouts.
Come, happy instrument, heere lyes the roote
Of all the feare and hate of wasted Corinth.



PER. This cornet hath given musicke to that kinge redspacer1760
And had that kings reward. Beshrewe that hand.

Calistus gladio Periandrem perfodit et corpus Periandri ad sepulchrum ducit. blue



STRAT. I feare we hardly shall discerne that tree, red
It is so darke.
VIG. 2spacerspacerspacerspacerKeepe close uppon the wall. red
The stile will give us easy guesse of distance.
STRAT. We are neere uppon’t. Good fortune speed our hands spacer1765
No more, this darknes is not pratlers freind.



CALL. The heart that drawes the breath by favoring kings.
Feares nothing.

Stratocles et alter confodiunt et efferunt Calistum. blue



DOR. Come, sirs, to our silent guard.
These be the gates where hand in hand march in spacer1770
Honor and treason: honor open fast. red
Treason sometimes disguis’d, nowe cloth’d in night,
Sometimes like honor with angelicall grace.

Stratocles et alter reversi a Dorio et suis opprimuntur. blue

STRAT. So much for that they might have bin our fathers
That we have slaine.
DOR. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerAnd wee your neerest freinds. spacer1775
But kinge and darkenes bar distinction.

Finis actus quinti



RES. Howe nowe, Detraction? Howe nowe, howe nowe, man?
DET. ’Twas scurvy all.
RES. Ho, Ingenuity,
Heer’s a new patient. (Ingenuity.)
ING. (pulsum tentat.) spacerspacer God save all. Lets see, spacer1780
An inflammation, and about the braine.
’Twould come to a phrenitis if a vaine red
Should not bee open’d for revulsion. blue
Howe did he talke before this passion?
RES. Most strangly, madly, senceles, railingly. spacer1785
ING. Then in his toungue a vain must opend bee.
RES. Nature did ill to purge her selfe that way
The breath an’ts venome.
ING. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer’T must be nowe as may.
Lets have him in. Losse of a little blood
And purging once or twise will make all good. spacer1790
RES. Ile helpe to have him in. But who shall pay
Your fee?
ING, spacerspacer’Ts no matter, I’le nere sett him day.
He is a scholler.
RES. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerOf what house, I pray? blue
ING. Of all and none. For longe he doth not stay
In any place. He boards in towne, frequents spacer1795
All exercise, especially the Lents. blue
Come, talking will not cure him, helpe him in.
RES. Hee’s scarce worth curing.
ING. spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerYet to doo’t’s no sinne. (Exeunt.)



Gentlemen, welcome. Our great promises
Wee would make upp. Your selves must needs confesse spacer1800
But our small timbred actors, narrow roome, red blue
Necessity of thrift make all short come
Of our first apprehensions. Wee must keepe
Our auntient customes though wee after creepe.
But wee forgett times limitts. Now’ tis Lente. spacer1805
Old store this weeke may lawfully be spente.
Our former showes were giv’n to one cal’d Lorde.
This and att his request for you was stored.
By many hands was Periander slaine,
Your gentler hands will give him live againe.spacer1810 red