79 We are made
121 The book has The remnant comne. No such word as comne is registered in the O. E. D., and so I assume that comne is a misprint or odd spelling for come (= descended)
153 December
172 stick
202 at heire
210 tembles
429 The photograph is difficult to read, but the book evidently has retorced ("turned backwards"), which can be compared with retorqued used by Marlowe at I Tamb. V.ii.
445 brim is probably an orthographical variant of breme ("clear, vivid"); less likely, it is a misprint for grim
487 The book has Aa both; The both is a conjectural emendation
564 That fire
569 kind.
572 Hereto.
612 iucite
630 Ath
654 of hit
692 The book has I plunged rest. One could perhaps read In plunged rest, a somewhat awkward of saying are plunged in rest, but Yplunged rest seems more likely
698 hundredth
715 with time
767 possest
792 gurtie
fred blow.