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’Neath Caledonian crown two realms are joined, blue
And twice new gold is owed to James’s brow.
Nature has marked this day, which could on all
The ages weigh. Three scepters of the deep
Meet in a great leader, and purple garb—  spacer5
To Britain Tethys’ gift—virile again,
Joys to be lit with Hydaspeian gems.
That man long hence the people’s prayer— sought with
One voice, who if the law had not bestowed
For blood, for virtue would have earned the realm — 10
Is ruler, takes in hand the reins bereft.
Let Phoebus scatter the clouds, the prince’s blue
Serene sky to tribes obscure disclosing.
Let him James’ reign approve and let the world
Have British light, which Jove with fine mist roils 15
Scarce, and gloomy nights forbid to enter.
While majesty’s office the English rites
Of wonted pomp enacts, the Scot’s adored,
Heir to the Norman name with ancient staff;
Let regal shows the solar chariots stay,  20
And one day pass for all: Spaniards alone
To shade damned, may our gold torch never set.
spacer And you —parent of all (unless the old blue
Times lied) from whose embrace rude nature first
Brought unformed realms (our day to former times 25
Gives credence) and who by such proof now ‘tis
To have birthed the gods believed — come, great blue
Ocean, the farthest shore add to your sea,
And, though the moon’s unwilling, make it swell.
Take courage from your king, by better star30
Upraised, hide not who gives law to the sea
From peoples warmed by any sun throughout
The vast orb that you span. Let Scythian fierce
’‘Neath snowy pole, let burning Libya’s son,
Who Bosphoran forts and Ecbatana serves, 35
And Gangean guard of his land’s gold know this.
spacer E’en if my idle youth lacked sluggishness
And my undisciplined mind such tumult 
Dared endure, would I rather Phlegrae’s crimes,
Thebes’ many wicked deeds, or guarded walls 40
By Hector’s hand recount, than fair Nereus’
Orkneys and Thule borne on the tidal swell?
And you, who Ireland’s and Britain’s shores—
A world once shared ’mongst many robust tribes—
Alone have? Then my breath would rise up high45
In song, you glory of the realm, more than
Your sires in strength and good! But highest might,
Impatient of the mean, like to no Muse,
Yet frightens me; no Parnassian cliffs,
With gods so many and the sisters nine, 50
Will do for me. But if some voice bids me
Ascend, let greater force inspire my heart.
May you yourself come, August Prince, and grant
Your strengths and blest harp’s sound. Only your crowns
Throughout the world our laurels have entwined. blue 55
For who knows not the “sail-winged line,” “the blood-
Stained waves” of Ionia (that loss once paid
For Cyprus), e’en in farthest Indies sung?
But you could sing such lands and heroes both,
And only you. ’Tis God’s care sent you, born blue 60
Not just from kings’ blood, not from purple mere,
But one than which none’s more noble or rich
Of ancient lauds, from nature’s source come forth,
A line of leaders proved, whose origin
Lies hid in Ocean’s spring. We think the world’sblue 65
Drowned remnants, when they were able to course   
The shores, the mountains seen fetched on the winds, blue
And here, having such floods for so long braved,
Restored the human race. Or full with men
The Celts sent folk to Hebridean plain,70
Wearied of Brittany; soon great Ireland
Took and bore them to ancient Briton’s shores.
Or Scythian name’s connections likelier        
Endure, and the image of its raw strength. blue
Whate’er their race, heaven envied it not, 75
Allowed it to survive, not waste through time.
Now in the globe revolving through the sky,
Titan has brought centuries twice ten hundred
Since on the highlands plains Scots’ standards stood
With Fergus’ sounding horn. His sons’ blood stays, blue 80
And kindred power in his stock endures.
Meanwhile long day o’erturns force Macedon
And Roman fasces, and no hands of old
Retained their scepters. What did Fate intend?
Whence such lasting favor? Why in the Scots’ 85
Realm had Time no power? Because you would
One day succeed: knowing fates revere you;
When she had other realms in turn condemned,
Fortune excepted you. Although great ones
Fear their fall, the power promised to James 90
Abides along with lands and sea. What Muse blue
Could sing your clan’s stars, Stuart ancestors,
Douglass strength? But few may touch two scepters,
Count two forebears either Britain’s leader,
A descent all royal. But that’s your clan’s blue95
Old tale, and mindful bards have made sacred
Your mighty blood’s great names in Albion’s songs.blue
Nearer events call us. When your first day 7
Brought you to court, and heaven lost its ward,
What stars should I think flared the sky? To earth blue 100
Came Virgo back and gave a child this Age?
Did Libra too blaze out, or Capricorn
In eastern pole yield up Augustus’ birth?
Jove’s mansion is supreme, no fierce sun’s rays
Pressed sadly Leo, lion of Cleonae,105
Where flames heart’s honor up. Fawning Venus,
Presaging marriage, calm eyed Getic north.
Maja’s son received her gaze and clear flame
Phrixus’ riches shows. Why does Lyra shine?
Are its strings prelude to an Irish king, 110
Or will that light a poet give? Thunder’s
Bird sees that Arion’s major star burns bright.
See how they shine, since Argo with three curved
Crowns risen fears no Cyanean Rock!
They say Cadiz shook then, those realms were lit 115
Phoebus sees last, not yet in neighboring flood blue
Immersed. Kentish shores abounded in strange
Gems, which from rich shells no plundering mob
E’er gathers in the Indian Ocean’s depths.
Brigantes marveled at their honey new. 120
Veins too of metal red flowed freely here
And there, and winds dared not disturb the sea
When changing tides beguiled the silent sands.
Peace came to the realms. Father Tweed himself
And Solway’s waters clear — where Albion’s bound 125
Is cut and shores by law the parting mak e—
Hid in the shoals and testified they’d form
No boundaries in this realm, since fates now gave
Lands the same head. When Hercules was born
The world gave signs; at the birth of Bacchus 130
Cithaeron sober sparkled with strange vines.
spacerDistinction came soon! Scotland hastens to blue
Your crib and, while you hang small at nurse’s breast,
It calls you “Lord” in words that you don’t grasp.
No rattles draw and hold your unformed sense: 135
The crown’s your toy. You crawled on purple cloth
While princes swore your health, royal standards
Veiled your crying. The first signs of your gift
Were sounds you made that burst the stillness when
You, like an adult, spoke! In all you did 140
A king you were, no child. Ripeness early
In your nature shone, age wise feared to wait
Its legal day and hid behind your deeds.
In Ida’s grove, yet like his sister small,
Jove tried his bolts and (if the songs are true) 145
The thunder scared his mother with its roar.
Attendants gaped, and tambours Dictaean
Silent fell, dropped from the Curetes’ hands. blue
spacerYour nobles marveled at you pondering
The realm with gentle heart. Your lofty mind 150
Took its own way. Impatient you forsook
Vain hopes and unclear aims, not master’s care
Your guide but Nature. Pagan folly drew
You not, nor the realm’s present fame, but as
A lad you studied ancient Grecian chiefs, 155
And the republic Roman, once in wars
Supreme, by what law savage tribes to curb,
Whence comes lasting peace, with wall to shut out
Wars, and how to marshall armoured hosts.
Thus passed your peaceful youth, though you were drawn 160
to Mars, and none would more advance in arms.
Whatever dangers call, Bellona will
Her leader ready find.  If ever times
Were free from study and the cares of rule,
No part of life was still: Permessus thenblue 165
Held sway, and waters scarce by kings imbibed.
You ponder here Achilles, flamed by hates
And ardor for a girl, Ulysses stayed
Upon his ways, and Homer’s page would tire
Not Pella’s hand, beneath which Porus fell170
And servile Ganges humble bowed his horns.
Trojan Aeneas’ seer and lesser poets
Soothed you, but quailed before your piercing gaze. blue
spacerIf you nurture, fluent, the Muses’ laws, blue
Able to sing mens’ wars and bloody haps, 175
Or if you solve the ancient oracles
In manner of the Persian Empire’s priests, blue
Heaven opens to you! And if, intent
Upon the nation’s cares, you ease the world,
Its royal author only is denied 180
Restful peace, as that other who casts lights
Upon the world, lands clasped with fiery reins,
Phoebus, watchful tempers time with constant
Motion, and courses spends in single years.
Thus sprang those leaders forth whom glory raised 185
Olympus-wards, whom heathen faith deceived
And worth to God displeasing. Holy Writ,
Not merely human laws are what you hold
Firmly in mind. These are your kingdom’s proofs,
Not fragile fate by Diomedes ta’en,
Feigned image goddess called, nor shield that fell 190
To priestly Numa from on high, but plain
Worship that keeps morality unsoiled. blue
Pursuing holy deeds you laboured hard, and what
The lad learned piously, mature he taught,  195
Not having toiled for self alone. Let Fame,
Fond of old times, grant what she has from them.
What youth so learned, even in private life?
O talent’s ornament! O faith unique
O’er doctrines banned from royal courts, of texts blue 200
The sacred stuff! Whate’er wrote holy hands
Became your spear and bow. You pined to seek
Not after beasts in Caledonian fields
As much as to have roamed Parnassian glades.
Here honour’s back in studies and Scotland — 205
Ne’er in Socratic arts more lively gone —
Nature’s like, denies the palm to Athens.
spacerBut what a strength of purpose, prescient signs
Of mind, by shifting future ne’er deceived,
What art in rule! How you with innate skill  210
O’erturned the common ways in matters roiled
Before maturity your youthful face
Had shadowed e’en! Your prudence for the realm
Sufficed and land’s entire burden bore,
Your care no parts denied. A captain thus, blue 215
Ever anxious, closely marks the gliding stars
Aloft, dismisses not Boötes’ wain,
Consults the clouds and why the moon’s horns nod,
All tumults gauges in the sky and swell,
Yet mindful of the tenth wave flees the flood’s 220
Wrath, seeks waves he can breast. Since you preside,
Laws ancient and high justice are revered,
No court’s for sale. With strict integrity,
You ban your age’s filth; Astraea glad
Sees plaintiffs equalled; you’re not moved by rage, blue  225
But sadly fierce. Although you crimes condemn,
You pardon men who’ll to their senses come.
Wealth is no crime, acclaim not innocence,
Nor clan, for healthy fear of royal strength.
Your fame’s like that of Minos old, who ruled 230
One hundred towns, and that exile who set
With Delphic approbation Spartan law. blue
spacer Your trust how rare, and kindly is your mien
And sacred majesty when law’s precepts
You moderate. How your brow’s grace does not 235
Inhibit love! Cos’ waxen fame come back, blue
Apelles would want you to model gods.
Secure, king of yourself, by passions you’re
Not stirred or base desire. Your court bans all
Excess, and swelled ambition gross with wants;  240
Whoe’er thinks praise of good and justice marks
Of private life is scorned. You are renowned
For bearing toils, restoring measures old
In times corrupt; you are a leader without
Gauds: thus virtue, trained by Scotland’s rough 245
 Affairs, earned honors which it did not seek.
From your first years God searched your inward heart,
Heaped riches which you scorn, and England gave. blue
Who’d not with eager hope urge on such wishes,
And all delays prevent? Though you’re content,  250
A greater fortune comes. Lust, that common
Vice, infamous in many realms, drove not
Your youth. Your wedding couch claims all your love.
What happy day! What joy to peoples both
It was when queen touched matrimonial shore,255
Brought from the Cimbrian Sea, and nuptial bond
Joined facing peoples in eternal pact. blue
Then is it true that Baltic Kattegat,
Her wavy bosom strewn with flowers, laughed,
And Orkney with her verdant sisters danced. 260
To you come issue sure, and court secured
By royal lineage. Wretched he o’er whom
Kin looms, and dubious fear. Your heir you dare blue
The nations show, who (like the world) vows that
He wishes never to ascend your throne. 265
You teach him precepts and, reviewing time,
As he then grows, lead him to ancient ways.
You rule his life, providing him fame’s source
And empire’s laws, Basilikon Doron. blue
Both ways of peace he gets and bolts of war.  270
Now Caledonian kings and martial feats
Of Hyperborean race he starts to learn
Intent, portends to be of both true scion.
Like a young lion — bristly mane new grown
In pattern of his tawny father’s wrath — 275
The camp already fears, though yet no threat,
He greets aroar his mother’s far off plains
And crags, fiercely inspects his still soft pads,
Lashes his tail, then cattle for his jaws
Selects and will not eat until there’s blood. 280
spacerWhen your land saw you spouse and father both,
The heavens by your qualities thought that
You ruled too narrowly, and all Britain
Granted. O happy to whom comes preserved
The triple realm’s concord, which mighty kings 285
Have often sought and often been denied,
In old times told in Caledonian rolls.
With no pact could men join such potent power
Before your day. To you this mightiest
Island — to which none’s like in all the lands290
Nereus rounds cerulean with floods,
Unconquered Caesar’s new world, second earth —
Is subject and tamed Ireland’s reconciled.
For lately, when these realms awaited you,
To law she yielded, as fates hied to give295
You everything subdued. Thus innate rage
Deflated cast Iberia out entire. blue
On you devolved the fortunes of your realms
Through time. With which arms Albion conquered,
Antiquity with those waged wars for you. 300
Tethys on your account with Belgian oar blue
First foamed, and Gaul dislodged Armorican seats,
Seeking a home abroad. Druids founding
Pilgrim realms recited to their folks your fate.
The Scots your forebears ruled divided soon 305
Hibernia far with Picts who marked their limbs,
On whose warlike frontier was Britain vexed,
Where blast Boreas’ winds. Teutons vanquished,
Caesar then showed peoples a world unknown,
And British chariot’s driver, daubed with mud, 310
Learned deeply the auspicious eagles fear.
Other disasters came, yet wars ne’er brought
The land a lord, not when from all the shores
On every wind it saw the Saxon come,
Or Dane, glory gaining with others’ blood, 315
No less who swept with fleets the Arctic Sea,
Disturbed unsteady riches. Norman arms
This kingdom gave new laws and realms that would
Befall to you; no more the noble staff
To low-born hearts came reft of royalty. 320
spacer No shadow of a pompous name made you blue
Furies’ ensign, nor did plebs for freedom
Raging lead you into the citadel.
No noble faction named you king, plotting 325
With zeal; no power seized in war’s whirlwind
Gave cutthroat law. You wear a crown not born
In blood or price. Nature and God have made
You ruler, noble sentence you proclaimed,
The commons chose. The realm, one ruler gone, 330
Did not sense indecision at the helm.
An uncontested place awaited you,
And peace upheld by a new king’s stature.
You were the first to merit the realm’s call. blue
spacerO oracles come true and omens now 335
Confirmed! Not meaningless that marble block —
By whose noble presence Fame forbids Scots
To doubt their rule — chance bore to London’s court. blue
This done presaged the day which brought the lord
Of Scots to rule the city on the Thames.  340
Pass o’er defeats forgot at Bannock’s wave
And Flodden too, old triumphs it helps ‘rase,
And without trophies glory to preserve,
These are domestic crimes. In good faith meet
Britons’ generous hearts. Whom island joins,345
And realms tie, wish one people to be seen.
Not unlike bees, whom Attic Hymettos
Sees join their battle lines and stingers point,
In allied swarm rush to their hives if one
King, bright of hair, the leadership retakes. 350
He rules the combs, for him they stand their watch,
Collect the thyme, and make the honey sweet.
spacerBut you, Britain—who severed from the world blue
No greater gift could have—what human voice
Can praise? Nature, creator of all things, 355
Divides peoples and marks their boundaries. blue
Thus Pyrenees, thus too once Rhine and Alp
Were bounds to sovereignty. You checked you with
No stream, no snowy arc of craggy peaks:
But, all-embracing bound, parent became 360
And wished you with one limit be enclosed.
Nereus placed you in the deep abyss.
Here is the end that lacks an end, Britons’
Bound, others’ shores, and access to great realm
What opes to winds and sails. I’d not believe 365
Fields of the Blessed more worthy to have been
Its name, had Spain that glory not purloined
Long past and added to its farthest waves.
spacerFor with what goods of lands and main see we
This land not overflow? The shores yield pearls; 370
Corn laughs afield; the soil with many ores
Blooms riched; for cattle land the best by far,
And shapely herds. By no star harmed, the land
Remains temperate; it’s not consumed by heat,
Nor fears return of icy winter’s cold. 375
The snakes have fled, and wondrous gagates
With tacit flame bans venom from its fields. blue
The day is long and thus the shadows short,
When Cancered sun is high. Gladder than all,
This land is worthy always to be seen.  380
spacerAnd now what raiments views she, what riches
Of her great ones! Their gold vies with sun’s rays,
Their flaming stones contend. Who Eos’ shore
Transposed, on Humber Serendip bestowed
And Thames? In robe and garb inspiring awe 385
The purple sits: hair gold, hand signed with staff
Ancestral, gives the ancient British law
And pledges troth. With humble face, bending
The knee, nations countless adore the king —
As Macedon at Euphrates saw dawn’s blue 390
Tribes conquered flock, and worn Hyperion’s world.
He saw you, Spaniard, own with gifts your dread.
spacerMost fair of face the first hastens to speak, blue
Anglia, dressed with sailed hulls on her robe,
Which carry wealth and wars. “Greatest of kings,395
Whom in noble throngs the court has brought me,
In pressing host of lords, accept my plea,
Set me from your Scots not off, for by blood
You’re no less ours, on father’s side e’en more. blue
Who knows not Henry’s bed, who Liza’s troth, 400
The factions that Lord Hymen reconciled
In storied marriage for a kindred king,
And love enduring quarrelled roses joined
In twining kin? Thence comes magnificent
Your birth. Fitting it is to wars and hates 405
The end’s born from this peaceful pact of kings.
Yet don’t preclude the use of foreign blood:
This hand can’t rest. These riches you admire, blue
Desired by all people else—not just
Long peace at home, your colonies’ rewards, 410
And trade beneath the eastern Scythian sky
Gave Britain this, but victory’s gift it was.
I have a cause, and foe who will be stripped.
Command your arms. I’ve not yet for that fleet blue
Been paid we conquered fifteen years ago, 415
Tartessus sits in ash, and on that shore
Across from us, not long past, Spain’s right hand
Dealt out butchery. Will we cede to her
The lands that bear the noble virgin’s name?
If exploration’s fame goes to those armed, 420
I have my fleets and young men skilled in war.
Do the Baeti alone care? Where Ocean
Rolls vast, we beg you let your scepters dwell.
Thus live, and peoples joined beneath your name
Long rule, and may the noble age of James425
Surpass Augustus’ times and Pontic king’s. blue
Why do I need prayers instanced from afar?
Here’s more. May you surpass in happy years
One I don’t miss because you’ve followed her.”
spacerThen fecund in men speaks lofty in mien 430
A second: “Prince, not ancient law but birth
Grants me to you. Should Fortune everything
Bring you, Scotland remains your first kingdom.
We marveled at your birth, your early steps,
And that you grew so mighty in my arms. 435
For life you given and preserved I don’t
Claim pay; more I’m in debt that you were born
In my stronghold. But if you have a home,
I’m yours, through ages lacking not old lauds
Nor courage. And if you ready vengeance, 440
No other arms will better fight for you.
For we know in far Flanders’ fields whose troops
Maimed our unweaponed men ‘gainst all sworn faith
And war’s unchanging laws, and wicked who …
But this is not the time to indulge grief.” blue 445
spacerNext, quit her fathers’ savage rites, Ireland:
“First pardon give. What we have done,” she said,
“Is sin most grave, but our fault is naïve,
And Spain’s the crime. Allow us to atone.
We’ll speak our mind. For now the foe will see blue450
What price he’ll pay for urging rebels on,
Finding a man rules. As your source, Master,
I beg pardon. I am Scotland’s great nurse,
To Caledonian fields of Pictish horde
Sent author of a name to ages known. blue455
What greater pledge against my guilt but that
I birthed your race?” Then Gallia with calm words
Sweet comes and says with charm: “A thousand years
Pacts faithful kept with Scots I shall recall.
More friendship age and time have never known, 460
Nor this sun seen. At no time has light shone
More pleasingly, when three scepters holding
I see you, scion from French nobles sprung.
Concord arises and follows your rule.
If strifes’ dark cloud will dwell within some breast, 465
I cede it you. ‘Tis sin to hate a race
Whose people heeds your reins. Greatest Henry
Pledges his wealth to you. He’s wont to tend
To royal born; he fought for that same cause.
Although the Tagus poured forth wars and gold,470
We won.” Then Cimbria: “As kin I’ll joy blue
That neighboring floods such power ceded you,
And island twinned. Since you’re the Britons’ guide,
I seem in faith to sit my former realm.” blue
spacerThe last, supported by allied sisters,  475
Castled Batavia, spoke these so brave words:
“Happy those subjects whom just prince’s care
‘Neath his law fosters, ‘neath supernal law,
When justice is rule’s mode, when freely it
Declines to cross the bounds of use and right, 480
And bears the lofty crown received from God
To serve the folk. This Fortune grants Britain.
But we cannot our miseries endure,
O Spain, such dread. Why show Batavia                   
What your madness allows? Not towns to flames 485
Betrayed, not cities gulped by hostile torch
I grieve, but men burned live. What was our crime blue
That sin’s authors have burst and strewn in ruins
Our homes? What did we do so great one death
Suffices not? Cold steel deserves and flames, 490
To have known God and his commands obeyed?
For this, without doubt to excuse your arms,
You make yourself the heir of kings who stand
With neck unbound, refuse to owe their crowns
But to heaven. Yet if to gain a realm 495
Why waste your people true, their leaders’ blood
Pour out? Did fear lead you to go to war?
Egmont’s ashes, my folk exiled, all that
We ceded Alba cruel I call to prove 500
Unwilling I waged war. But God so kind blue
Thus wished and trusted well his cause to arms.
How oft yet I’ve my sword wished to lay down!
But treacherous peace and always perjured pacts
Forbid. How trusted should be Spaniard’s word 505
We are examples. Here God, God Himself
Ordained you, Anglia, and brought us
Foreign aid. O happy maid with pilgrim Mars, blue
Who safely can sustain oppressed nations,
Defended by your sea. I’d not predict 510
Spain broken, how your victory would grow.
That’s in your hands. Forego not triumphs won,
Hesperian gold seek not for costly price,
It can be bought with steel.” This said, she knelt
And, having much beseeched the king, was still. 515
spacerThen she resumed: “I’m happy not she died blue
Whom I adored, whom Spain thought lived too long,
But that your favor oft, Prince, has been known,
And you’ll do more for me. From heaven comes
A fate to match your soul; you’ve borne scepters 520
Pious men revere, you’re true heir worthiest;
Your unshook power added to these realms
Can fright the Spaniards. If feelings my heart
Should show, reveal the motions of my soul,
You’d see how I rejoice, how for your health 525
Bring prayers! You’d also see Spain hiding griefs
With raging furies and inane anger,
Her face dissembling. But you see it all,
No doubt; hearts open to you and no oath
Deceives your probes. But I’ve been e’er a friend  530
To princes, with whose allied arms Rome long
Conquered. Of all peoples but I deserved
To keep the world’s head, for a Batavian
Was always Caesar’s closest bodyguard,
His health to my lands tied. But later age blue535
Joined me to kings whom only sea divides,
And mouth of Rhine to British riches joined.
We’re joined by love. Scots Hymen our lords bound,
Anglia joined them by harmonious pacts. blue
But your virtue—which ages gone could not 540
Equal and ages to come won’t rival—
And common God bound me in closer tie.
I worshiped first this realm, now you its king.
To all the world’s posterity I’ll boast
I met your bar, made clear when you gave me — 545
Honored parent in common with a king —
Your son in witness at the lustral fount,
Batavia that lad entrusted for whom
Many scepters wait! What makes Spain’s false heart blue
Wish now to seem, Anglia, not hostile?550
Did he reverence you for not taking part
In this war, does he not really believe
You’re mine? And rightly so, for Scotland sent
Not vows alone but arms and men to me,
And their courage. Nor absent all these facts 555
Would he lack cause for hates. For puffed and fierce,
And after Indies golden insatiate,
Spain at the world immense aims with its laws,
And holding realms wherever the sun shines,
Thinks what it lacks, its foe. But chiefly those 560
Who’ve stored wealth merit war. Why stirred he erst
French arms? What right, England, claims he in you?
The shores Anthony reclaims with your arms, blue
Stretching from dawn to dusk, I’ll mention not.
Color of right’s never absent victors. 565
For you, when fate permits, has been prepared
A tainted case heard by a corrupt judge. blue
He’ll say you heed damned rites and foreign faith,
Rule as mere citizen. But he’ll hold out
Some kind of pact and send an olive branch: 570
That is, admit he can’t act without guile
And fears vengeance. Our ally Britain can’t
Be seized unawares, in war can ably tame
Her professed foes, is prey to fraud alone.
Now Spain schemes plots, now picks convenient times, 575
Which more by war than peace will be forestalled.
spacerWhy would you worthy with a pact a folk
Whose custom is to break faith, who abuse
Oaths, and swear by a God it seeks to fool?
As long as perjury’s thought not yet safe 580
There will be peace. With hope of victory,
He’ll fell each grove for ships. He’ll feign to go
To Flanders — you’ll be Flanders. Sees he arms
Raised ‘gainst him, there’s one more vile sin yet
Hispanic: this most savage race contrives 585
To take the heads of consecrated kings,
And calls this righteousness. To scorn, their youth
Learn, sin and death, and armed with poisons dread,
By Furies driven, set against kings forth.
Thus war and peace they wage. England’s alone 590
Teaches not this, but France’s king attacked.
Ours, too. I would they’d dare us hand to hand!
Had ne’er my Arausius succumbed to arms! blue
Who knows, since Spain’s capable of anything,
If when he now sends legates, he sends swords 595
And seeks with slaughter peace? To punish crime
You’re born, and kings harmed can, yourself a king,
Avenge, most sacred task. Thus that model
Of blessed queen was erst by war secure,
But not by fictive pact. Spain’s not esteemed 600
By warriors. She frightened, lest she fear, blue
Seville’s arms and by Mars gave Britons peace.
Don’t damn her judgment who left you scepters,
Or our faith. If broken I had come you,
Your men in battles adverse to request, 605
I’d deem you’d bend and pity show the doomed,
Support me wretched and the true faith too.
Now nation known to you, which ramparts crown
One hundred, whose ships plough seas unbeaten,
I wish my neighbor favoring fortune bring, 610
And conquering men: take my distinguished gifts.
If fear’s persuasive more, know the sad years
That harried on all sides my Ostend counts.
Beware lest you a hostile coast confront.” blue