1615, July 10 As applied to a member of the nobility or of a knightly order, the word dominus is to be translated or “Sir.” As applied to a University graduate, it signifies any man who has been admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and is best left untranslated since there is no satisfactory English equivalent.
1619, July 15 (also 1620, 1621) For these “constellations” see Pliny, Natural History
1620, May 2 (also 1622, 1623 ) I do not know the source of this dactylic hexameter. It seems to have had special personal significance for Camden as a means of recording his continued good health because of the pun between clarus and his title of Clarenceux King of Arms.
1621, September *** For this astronomical phenomenon see Pliny, Natural History II.96.