Appended to the autograph ms. of Camden’s diary is the brief of events of his life.

Anno 1551. Natus 2 Maii [Born May 2].
1563. Peste correptus Islingtoniae [Taken with the plague at Islington].
1566. Oxoniam missus [Sent up to Oxford].
1571 Oxonia redii [I came down from Oxford].
1575 Westmonasterium veni [I came to the Westminster School].
1581 Cum Barnaba Brissonio amicitia [Friendship with Barnaby Brisson].
1582 Iter Eboracense per Suffolciam et reditus per Lancastriam Aprili [Journey to York through Suffolk, and return through Lancastershire, in April].
1586. Britanniam edidi [I published Britannia].
1589. Ilfarcomb Iunio [Ilfarcomb in June].
1590. Iter in Walliam cum D. Godwino [Journey to Wales with Dominus Godwin].
1592. Febris quartana 26 Octobris occupavit, saepius purgavi, sanguine misso, uvula decidit [The quartan ague took me on October 26; I frequently purged, with blood let, and my uvula fell].
1593. Scholae Praepositus Martio [Made Master of the School in March].
1594. Febre liberatius Iunio [Freed of the fever in June].
1596. Iter ad Sarum et Wells Iulio. Redii per Oxoniam J[ourney to Salisbury and Wells in July. I returned by way of Oxford].
1597. Gravissime aegrotavi, et ad Cuthberti Lini aedes me recepi, cuius uxoris cura convalui [I was graly ill, and betook myself to Cuthbort Line’s house, by the care of whose wife I regained my health].
Grammaticam Graecam edidi [I published my Greek grammar].
Creatus Richmond 22. Octobris et Clarenceux 23. [Created Richmond Herald on October 22, and Clarenceux King of Arms on the 23rd].
1600. Iter ad Carleolum cum Roberto Cottono aestate, domum redii Decembris [Journey to Carlile with Robert Cotton in summer; I returned home in December].
1601. Febricitavi, sed convalui curante Heathero [I had a fever, but regained my health with Heather tending me].
1603. Conningtoniae, peste Londini grassante, egi usque ad natalam Christi [With the plague ravaging London, I dwelt at Connington until Christmas.
1605 Le™Äicana prodierunt primum [My Remains first appeared].
1606 Primae literae ad Thuanum per Dominum Insulanum [My first letter to de Thou, borne by Lord de l’Isle].
1607. Equo decidi 7. Septembris tibia laeus; domi decubui ad quartum Iulii, quo profectus sum ad funus I. Fortescue militis [I took a fall from a horse on September 7th, and was laid up until the fourth of July, on which I went to the funeral of Sir John Fortescue].
1606. Annales digerere coepi [I began to organize my Annals].
1609 Morbo gravissimo correptus 2. die Maii, natali meo; sanguis semel atque iterum missus, et peste in proximis aedibus grassante translatus ad aedes Heatheri, curante domino Gifford, convalui. XV die Augusti ad Chiselhurst primum me contuli, et mansi ad XXVIII Octobris [I was taken with a most serious illness on May 2, my birthday. My blood was twice let, and with the plague raging in homes nearby I was brought to Heather’s house, where I regained my health with Dominus Gifford tending me].
1619. 8 Februarii sanguine tussendo toto et die et sequenti eructavi; bis animus deliquit; necessarium visum Domino Giffordo sanguinem mittere ad 7 uncias. Ultimo Augusti saepius noctu sanguinem coagulatum eructavi, et alvo fui laxiore [On February 8 I coughed blood, and coughed it up the next day; twice I fainted; it seemed needful to Dominus Gifford to bleed me of seven ounces. On the last day of August I frequently coughed up clotted blood, and was rather loose in my belly].
1622. 7. Iunii gravissime tota nocte aegrotavi, et totam noctem insomnis duxi [On June 7 I was most seriously ill throughout the night, and passed the whole night sleepless].
Ipso die solstitiali aestivo tota die graviter ex hypochondriacu flatu laboravi, nocte tamen utcunque quievi [On the day of the Summer Solstice I greatly suffered from hypochondriac wind, but at night somehow subsided].