1. The present Alcaic ode celebrating the French capture of Calais on 7 January, 1558, was written by the great Scots Humanist playwright-poet George Buchanan [1506 - 1582] at a time when he was living in Paris and serving as tutor to the son of the Maréchal de Brissac. It was printed by Robert Etienne as a small indepentent volume at Paris later in the same year, under the full title De Caleto Nuper ab Henrico II Francorum Rege Invictissimo Recepta Carmen. A digitized photographic reproduction of this work has been made available in downloadable by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France; to access it, click here and perform a search for the author’s name (under “Catalogues”). This ode was reprinted, with no alterations in the text, as an appendix to the poetry section of the volume Georgii Buchanani, Poetarum nostri saeculi facile principis, Elegiarum Liber I, Sylvarum Liber I, Endecasyllabon Liber I, Eiusdem Buchanani Tragoedia, quae inscribitur Baptistes, sive Calumnia (Paris, 1579) beginning on sig. E iiii. This volume is also available from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France as a digitized photographic reproduction, for which click here.