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The enormous profusion of literary texts posted on the World Wide Web will no doubt strike future historians as remarkable and important. But this profusion brings with it an urgent need for many specialized on-line bibliographies. The present one is an analytic bibliography of Latin texts written during the Renaissance and later that are freely available to the general public on the Web (texts posted in access-restricted sites, and Web sites offering electronic texts and digitized photograpic reproductions for sale are not included).

This page was first posted January 1, 1999 and most recently updated on October 22, 2021 . The reader may be interested to know that it currenty contains 69,860 items. I would appreciate it if those who post new texts on the Web, to inform me by e-mail, so that this bibliography can be kept accurate and up to date. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the individuals who have suppied me with corrections and information. I extend especial thanks to Klaus Graf, Tommy Tyberg and J. R. Stockton, who are responsible for the addition of many hundreds of bibliographical items to this list.

A few further Neo-Latin online texts are omitted here becausean invalid URL address is provided. Over the passage of time, of course, some of the URL addresses given here may be changed or broken (alhtough site managers should avoid changing URL’s whenever possible, or failing that adopt some kind of rerouting system), because as soon as texts are posted they begin to be employed in scholarly citations). If you become aware of such difficulties, I would be grateful to have them drawn to my attention.

NOTE: in addition to standard abbreviations, in this bibliography the special abbreviation dpr (“digitized photographic reproduction”) is employed; unless otherwise specified, the file in question is in PDF format.* Other abbreviations used are: GDZ = Göttinger Digitalisierungszentrum; HAB = Herzog August Bibliothek, MDZ = Münchener Digitalisierungszentrum. It seems likely that you will need to have created a Google account in order to access Google Books offerings.

* - It must be understood that in the early days of posting reproductions of old books online there existed several competing formats for their distribution, of which all but PDFs are now obsolete. I can therefore give no guarantee that texts posted in other formats are still available. It may be the case that some libraries have replaced these with PDF’s, so it might be worthwhile to check the catalogue of the library in question. If you discover that this has indeed happened, please inform me and I shall update the relevant bibliographical entry.

Access to post-1864 items on the Google Books and University of Michigan University Library sites appear to be at least partially blocked for residents of some or all non-US nations.

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