I.2 them; coreptionem,2.5 soares yet III.7 theyIII.10 may iustifie also there em IV.1 evidenceIV.4 Christe (this mistake occurs repeatedly, probably by misinterpretation of an abbreviation) IV.4. Mr Jewells pte IV.10 effortesV.1 evoV.5 feddesV.6 mensV.6 treage VI.3 oneVI.4 callVI.4 paradoneVI.4 this spelling is also found at X.4 VI.6 ChurchVI.6 deciplesVI.7 thingeVI.7 there isVI.7 ByVI.9 propretise VI.9 if so be it markedVII.1 ThimothyVII.4 ChristVII.5 theVII.9 no VIII.4 at this point the Latin text breaks offVIII.5 knowledge VIII.5 Luter VIII.6 Queenes VIII.8 thesVIII.10 LordshoppVIII.11 bringinVIII.11 EpiphamusVIII.11 aganeIX.1 Christ IX.3 should we read conveienc (i. e., conveyance)?IX.4 thesIX.4 this IX.4 meditationIX.7 meaneIX.7 read incorporated?IX.7 pointeX.3 pardoxesX.3 extell X.3 theX.7 SiX.7 scourted X.8 redicouslyX.9 denyndedX.9 regingXI.1 sermonXI.2 he meanXI.2 whetherXI.3 storiesXI.3 the transcript has refraine corrected from restraine, but restraine appears more suitable for the context XI.5 leave XII.4 endXII.7 formeXII.14 that isXII.14 the transcript has thes corrected to ther, but thes is clearly preferableXII.15 rather regrettably, the word sheepidy is not in the O. E. E., this may be a corruption such as sheeplyke stupidity XII.18 Atheismes XII.19 ChristXII.23 ore else with put workes XIII.5 ChristXIII.5 BishopeXIII.5 this word is barely legible in the transcript XIII.6 read and?XIII.6 thoughXIII.8 exactinesXIII.9 que