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Elisha. His lamentation for his owne and all Israels losse in Elijah. The subject of a Sermon preached at the Funeralls of the Right Worshipfull Sir Anthony Rous, late of Halton, Cornwall, Knight (dedicated to William Rous, quarto, printed by William Stansby for John Parker, London, 1622) 

The Curse of Corne-horders: with the blessing of the seasonable selling. In three Sermons, on Prov. ii.26. Begun at the General Sessions for the County of Cornwall, held at Bodmyn, and continued at Fowy (dedicated to Sir Reginald Mohun, quarto, printed by I. B. for Edward Dight, London 1631); reprinted London 1631, London 1648 

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The Blessed Birth-Day etc. (octavo, printed by Lichfield, 1636) 

Compassion towards captives, chiefly towards our bretheren and countrymen, who are in miserable bondage in Barbarie; urged and pressed in three sermons on Heb. 13:3 preached in Plymouth, in October, 1636 (dedicated to John Cause, Mayor of Plymouth, printed by John Lichfield for Edward Forrest, Oxford, 1637)



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England’s Parnassus; or the choysest Flowers of our Moderne Poets (London, 1600) contains twenty extracts from Drake 

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W. Vaughan, The Golden-Grove, moralized in three Books (second ed., London, 1608) contains a gratulatory poem by Fitzgeoffrey



Latin epigram on Thomas Clifford of Devonshire (ms. once owned by the Rev. John Prince, listed by Boase - Courtney I.149) 

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