3 the late King Henry Mary Queen of Scots consort, Henry Stuart Lord Darnley. murdered in 1567.
23 the deith of King Iames the Fourt In 1513.
23 being an stranger The Duke of Albany had been living in France.
24 after the Dukis last departying Albany returned to France in 1517.
25 to ga be sey in France Despite this, in 1537 James V did manage to marry Magdeleine, third daughter of the King of France.
26 The King at last deceisit In December 1542.
26 the Erle of Arran James Hamilton, second Earl of Arran and later first Duke of Châtelherault, the head of the house of Hamilton and next in line to the throne of Scotland after Mary Queen of Scots. He was Mary’s Regent until 1554, when he was replaced by her mother, Mary of Guise.
26.3 Cardinall Beton,
Cardinal David Beaton, Bishop of St. Andrews (murdered by Protestants in 1548). Arran was deemed preferable as Regent because at the time he was a Protestant.
27 his callid brother John Hamilton, Catholic Archbishop of St. Andrews (d. 1571).
27 an woman stranger Mary of Guise.
28 abiurid his Religioun In 1548 Arran converted to Catholicism and joined the French party. The facts in the remainder of this paragraph describe his maneuvering to defeat rival Lairds Matthew Stewart, Earl of Lennox, Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus.
28 the arryuing of the Inglis army A very prejudicial account of the Battle of Ancrum Moor in 1545 (Arran appears to have left the scene of the battle out of cowardice rather than as a cunning scheme to destroy Angus).
29 and sault hir as a slaue in France This astonishing characterization of Mary’s 1558 marriage to François II, King of France, is the product of Buchanan’s extreme anti-Catholicism.
30 after the Quenis arryuing in Scotland Mary returned to Scotland after François’ death in 1561.
30 to slay the erle of Murray Mary’s illegitimate brother and supporter, James Stewart, Earl of Moray.
31 first callid Cuningham A hit at Archbishop John Hamilton’s illegitimacy (his father James V created him Abbot of Paisely at age fourteen).
31 duryng the hole tyme of his non wit I. e., the Archbishop allegedly thought that, if Arran became King of Scotland, he himself could become the power behind the throne in view of Arran’s mental instability.
31 had refusit battell at Carbarry hill In 1567, after Bothwell had married Mary and was at the head of the royalist forces. His decision not to fight on her behalf led to her captivity at the hands of the Protestant Lairds.
31 they blamit opinlie the Regent Upon her forced abdication, Mary’s son James became King, with the Earl of Moray appointed Regent. His assassination by James Hamilton in 1570 is described here.
32 the Lordis at the Langsyde Six weeks after Mary’s escape from Lochleven described above, the Battle of Langside was fought between her supporters and the much larger army of the Protestant Lairds. The total defeat they suffered marked the definitive end of her royal pretensions.
33 his bage The Norfolk coat of arms contains the lion and un
icorn of England and the rampant lion of Scotland, thus (Buchanan seems to be insinuating) asserting an English claim over Scotland.

33 Maiser Iohn Wod Moray’s secretary (his murder evidently transpired at Tividale in the English West Midlands).
35 one of them, the Clangregour A list of leading Hamilton supporters, including the Laird Balcleuch, Sir Andrew Ker of Fernihurst, and the Borderer families of the Armstrongs and Johnstons.
37 of Liddisdail, or Annanderdaile Strongholds of Hamilton supporters: the Armstrongs held Liddisdale, the Johnstons Annendale. Castle Hamilton was located in Clydesdale.